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16 in 1 Water Test Kit

$14.99 +TAX

  • All-in-One: 16 Parameters in 1 Strip
  • 3 Test strip per kit
  • Quick and Easy with Video Instruction
  • 95% Accuracy
  • No Lab Testing Required
  • Upgraded Sensitivity
  • Eco Friendly
  • Free next day delivery in Windsor-Essex county
  • Free Fast Shipping From Canada
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

This is our high quality environmental friendly kits that contains 3 tests!

Kits will detect Lead, Fluoride, Iron, Copper, Residual Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Water Hardness, Aluminum, Monopersulfate, Bromine, Carbonate Root, and Cyanuric Acid, with 95% accuracy within 30 seconds!

Just dip a strip in water 2 seconds, take it out and wait for 30 seconds, compare each panel colour changes to the provided colour chart. No lab testing required. Simply just watch our quick video instruction and repeat.

This kit has an Upgraded Sensitivity for New Low-Level Detection ranges for Lead (Measured in PPB), Fluoride, Iron & Copper

Test strips can be used for drinking water, pool and spa, faucets and taps, well water, fresh water tanks, and more water quality tests.

We use biodegradable PLA strips which are Safe for the environment!

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